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Videowall Dahua  LS490UCM-EF | 49 Inch Videowall

Videowall 49Inch Bezel 3.5mm

> Industrial level ADS LCD panel, suitable for continuous 24h/7 operation
> Anti-glare panel, vivid and memorable image quality
> Factory calibration technology for high color uniformity
> Built-in 3D noise reduction system and picture splicing function
> Abundant interfaces HDMI, DVI, VGA, BNC, USB, supporting HDMI daisy chain
> Infrared, RS232 dual mode, supporting remote control by computer
> Professional thermal design to extend device lifespan
> Built-in power, low energy consumption, ultra-quiet
> Modular structure design, multiple installation modes
> Widely used in surveillance center, command center, meeting room, commercial display scenes, etc.

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Videowall Dahua LS490UCM-EF | 49 Inch Videowall

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